Colorful Adventures With The Help of Mucci Farms


mucci farmsSmall changes implemented daily can add up to a big difference. This is the foundation of what Mucci Farms is doing for families as they balance busy schedules with the desire to establish great eating habits for their kids. Earlier, they partnered with area schools and Meet the Teacher events to introduce a new and fun way to bring nutritional education to your kids.

As a mom, you know how hard it is to get your kids to eat healthy snacks. Especially when “all the kids at school” are bringing in cool looking snack packs that are filled with processed foods that don’t have a lot of nutritional value. For a child to bring in an apple or carrot to munch on while their friends chomp away on sugar laden baked goods can make them feel as if they are facing a slime pit.

School is a social place. For many kids it can be scary to venture out solo and do what the other kids are not doing. However, when excitement can be combined with exploration and a sense of adventure during snack time with the introduction of new foods, everything can change.

One of the great things that Mucci Farms has done is introduce those same cool looking snack packs that your kids have become accustomed to into the school setting…but with a healthy twist. With simple packaging and some education about nutrition, they bring the possibility of making fresh fruits and vegetables available to kids who may not get that option at home as often as is recommended. Now, your kids can try out colorful, nutrition-packed foods right alongside their best friends. No stigma, just great tasting food that everyone enjoys together.

This is a win-win situation. The biggest draw for grabbing snack foods in the grocery aisle is the convenience. They are packaged so nicely in perfectly sized small portions which are perfect for small-sized hands. The challenge is that one look at the ingredient list will often reveal that the “perfect portion” is not so perfect!

As you juggle busy schedules and settle into the school routine, nutritional concerns often take a back seat to convenience. Making sure your kids have a snack to bring to school, any snack, can lead you to opt for something that’s processed. However, that can change when you look at the Veggies to Go Snack Packs from Mucci Farms.

Who thought that veggies could be so fun! With clever names like Sundrops and Cutecumbers, your little cuties can get the nutritional goodness packed in foods brought to you courtesy of Mother Nature.

Preparing easy raw recipes that is sure to tempt everyone

There are many, who simply find food to be irresistible. There is nothing that excites them like good, hygienic food. If you are one of them and just cannot live without thinking about food, then you need to know how to prepare quick raw food recipes without wasting much time in the kitchen.

Searching for that quick food

You can be a newbie searching for raw food recipes which are easy and simple or you might be the raw food veteran, too much busy for spending a good amount of time preparing the healthy meal. The common raw recipe for the vegan that is easy for whipping up is the typical raw salad. But, this might not sound interesting. On the other hand, it just could be very boring! Don’t worry. There are plenty of sites present on the web that are dedicated to foodies and if you are lucky and do some research, you are sure to get recipes that can be prepared in flat 5 minutes or even less!! Doesn’t that sound very interesting?

What is required for the preparation?

Before getting down to the list, it is necessary to be ready with a food processor or a blender. Such kitchen tools are undoubtedly the best friends of every raw foodie. These are quite handy and also make things very much easier. But, if such equipment is not present, then one of these raw food recipes can be tried out, which does not require any kind of kitchen equipment

Marinated raw mushroom recipe

You are sure to love this delicious recipe. You would require olive oil, raw soy sauce and sliced mushrooms. Pour soy sauce and oil over the mushrooms and gently stir for some time. Now, allow it to sit for around 5 minutes. It is ready. Isn’t this easy to prepare? It is not required for the raw food recipes to be complicated for being tasty and delicious, since the marinated raw mushrooms do have real cooked feeling in them. This dish can also be paired with the other vegan raw recipes such as raw soups and raw salads. There are a lot of options that can be explored and to surprise the beloved one.

Raw chocolate fudge – Preparation in just a minute!

It is not just a typo. Raw chocolate fudge can really be prepared in under a minute. You are required to mix cocoa powder along with honey and coconut oil in small bowl. Carefully watch the measurements, since too much of the ingredients are not to be used, else the taste would be spoilt. Mixing them would take just a few seconds and it is ready to consume. These raw food recipes can be prepared outside the kitchen also.

Green, silky smoothie recipe

This is a raw food recipe which would require a high speed blender. To prepare this recipe, simply blend an apple, oranges, bananas, water, cinnamon, lemon juice, chia seeds. It is the silky texture, which makes the recipe very tasty, since green smoothies usually require to be blended till it becomes silky smooth. This would give the much needed taste.
Salmon salad pate raw recipe
The name definitely sounds like the recipe is a complicated one. However, the truth is that it is very easy to make. These can really tantalize your taste buds and make you crave for more. You just are required to process some sunflower seeds to a fine meal. Now add sun dried tomatoes, red pepper, dill and sea salt for being processed, till it is properly combined. Have it transferred from food processor to bowl and include chopped celery for additional taste. It is ready to be consumed by anyone, who is bound to ask for more.

Easy and healthy vegan breakfast ideas that you can prepare this morning

Vegan breakfast can indeed be really nutritious, delicious, easy and quick to prepare. Correct, with some research and understanding, you can prepare breakfast that can be a surprising hit among the entire family! No more are you to feel deprived and unhappy while eating the vegan breakfast. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of tasty options from which you can select from and help you to get refreshed in the morning.

Vegan breakfast juices

For starters, you can simply squeeze couple of lemons or oranges into a glass for preparing fresh juice. In case, you possess a juicer, really healthy concoction can be prepared for energizing oneself. The following fresh juice recipes can be tried out like 2 carrots, 3 apples, knob of ginger, 4 celery stalks and 1 beetroot. With a good juicer in hand, you can prepare the juice in just about 10 to 15 minutes. You can add more apples to have sweeter juice or ginger to get zestier juice. In case, you require fruits in the juice, you can avoid the vegetables mentioned and the select your favorite fruits like pineapple, apples, berries and papaya. A knob of ginger would make the fruit juice quite zesty.

Tea or Coffee

This is a beverage that is commonly consumed by billions across the globe and there is no denying the fact. A cup of tea or coffee with breakfast can really be energizing and make you refreshed. You can have the tea or coffee black or add some rick milk or soy milk to it. In case, you desire it to be a bit sweet, and then use brown sugar, stevia, maple syrup, agave nectar or molasses.

Non-cooked breakfast

In case you are not planning to cook the breakfast, then you do have different vegan breakfast options that are easy to prepare and does not require much cooking. The tea or coffee can be accompanied with some toast along with jam, butter or chocolate spread. Otherwise, you can take bowl containing cereal along with rice milk, coconut milk or soy milk. You can take some freshly chopped seasonal fruits and have it topped with some coconut milk yoghurt or soy, including handful of almonds or walnuts.

Cooked breakfasts

Are you looking forwards to impress your beloved one with this super rich breakfast? Pancakes can be prepared, but would take some extra time to cook. But the best part is that the pancakes are sure to be appreciated by everyone, even without dairy milk and eggs. The ingredients for the easy to prepare pancakes would be: 1 Tbsp sugar, 1 cup flour, baking powder of 2 Tbsp, salt – a pinch, 1 cup rice/soy milk, 2 Tbsp oil. The dry ingredients are to be stirred together in bowl. Now add the wet ingredients and have them mixed together until smooth. Then spoon the pancake mixture in big spoonful’s into oiled, hot frying pan. Flip the pancakes as bubbles appear. It takes about 2 minutes for cooking a side. It is ready to be served with maple syrup, molasses or agave nectar and can be topped with fresh fruit.
There is also several delicious, healthy cake recipes slice recipes and muffin recipes that can be prepared for the breakfast. You can find plenty of recipes on the web these days and have no trouble trying out each one the morning to surprise everyone in the family. It does make life really interesting and good. Not only the family would enjoy the recipes, but also praise you for your intelligence and skills at recipe preparation, something that you are sure to love.

How to get easy and quick food recipes?

It is a fact that there are many people who are simply bored with the everyday food recipes that are prepared at home. They have almost become a routine and predictable. This really does sound very boring both to the mood and the tongue! Eating out daily is also not a wise option, especially for those, who live on a budget. You have been spending a fortune on restaurants, but the recent downturn in the economy has left you to reconsider visiting them often. It could be that you love cooking. The only thing that had compelled you to stay more out of kitchen is lack of fresh ideas to uplift the mood of the whole family.

Money saver delicious recipes right from the kitchen

There are ways and means to save money and stop visiting the restaurants and limiting it to just occasions. The web is full of options and ideas on easy and quick food recipes to meet the taste, preference, likings of every person. Even friends, colleagues and relatives can provide new suggestions and tips for coming out with food recipes that can interest everyone. As a matter of fact, you are not the only person to suffer from this problem. There are thousands, who can be good cooks, but lack fresh, innovative recipe ideas.

Tips that work

It is necessary to plan ahead. Each week, it would be wise to create a meal plan and this should be chalked out at the starting of the week. At the same time, all the shopping needs to be done accordingly to suit the specific requirements. In this manner, you can have all the ingredients at your finger tips and prepare delicious food that would be really enjoyed by every member of the family. The cook book, magazines and sites that promote recipes can be the right place to begin the search for new recipe ideas.